Chat *update 12/7/14*

mnr-slide5I would like to announce that chat is fully up and ready. Cams are up for people to see other people along with voice if you would like to voice chat with them. Don’t forget today Monstar Juggalo T is going live on in air a few so i’m sure he will be in chat waiting for you all!
Also do not for get we are always out on the look out for new and inspiring DJs, promoters and other people of the short to help kick us up and going we are here to please the listeners remember!


Chat *Update*

We are proud to announce that the chat is back up and running we do not have web cams just yet. But we will have them. Make sure you make your account log in and tell your friends!! Don’t for get we also have ads in the chat please contact us about the price but be on the look out we are up and running again!


*Update* On Chat

Chat is some what uchatp we are having a little issue at the moment with the chat. We are working on it stay with us. The chat we will be using is Pro Chat Rooms we have used this chat before some of are old members might remember. So bare with us as we get this up and running. Thank you for your patients.


New Chat..

The new chat is being worked on so chat it down for a while i will let you all know when it comes back up!


New Chat..

Tiny Chat We have changed are chat to just Tiny Chat its easier on us and a little more reliable. It also make it so we can have people on camera. Tho there will be limited number of people on camera but we have cameras back!! In the future we will upgrading to pro so we can do more with tiny chat. So you can either come here to the website and enter chat here(Which we suggest you do) or you can go to tiny chat website by Clicking Here. We hope you like this better then the other chat!


New Log-In Security


We have had some problems with automated accounts registering since launching the new site. Also there have been attempts to “hack” our Administration Control Panel. All attempts have failed and were ridiculous and obvious. So with that said, we have made a few changes to tighten the sites security mostly the Log-In area. Which means when you are logging into Magic Ninja Radio keep in mind that after 4 failed attempts you will be locked out for 15 minutes. If you are locked out 4 times then you are temporarily banned for 6 hours. And this will “reset” itself every 12 hours. Bans made will remain for the time set but failed attempts will reset every 12 hours. This is one of a handful of changes being made to secure MNR as much as possible. Thank you for all your support and enjoy the sounds of the underground!

Chat Is Live!


That is correct Chat is back up and running! Don’t for get once you get in and log in with your special name, don’t for get to register it in the bottom left hand corner under the menu button. Chat is still in its testing phases so if you see any problems please be sure to let us know, and if you have any suggestions we are welcome to all of them!

The New Radio Stream is Online!


Thats right, your not dreaming. The new stream for Magic Ninja Radio is now up and running. There is still allot of work to be done with indexing our entire library of music to the new server. For all of you on a mobile device, our stream will be updated soon through the TuneIn Radio App. So hold on tight, the ride isn’t over yet. This is only the beginning theres plenty more surprises in-store!

Coming Back!


We are coming back! Thats right the Radio for the Underground will be returning with new DJs, a new look, and the same great feel that makes Magic Ninja Radio the true Radio for the Underground! Only time will tell Ninja Magic we have in-store for 2014! So prepare yourself and spread the word Ninjaz! MNR IS BACK! Keep up on our progress and Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

Quick Funny Clip from GOTJ 2011